My work supports civic groups, activists, and governments in developing just and equitable systems. I specialize in free and open-source software. I've worked on projects for clients ranging from small nonprofits to Fortune 500 companies.

I am currently available for full-time work for a cooperative, nonprofit, or government organization. I am most interested in work on large-scale participatory governance, the cooperative economy, and free/open-source software (resume, CV, contact).

I am also available for short-term and long-term consulting on free/open-source and civic technology projects. Discounted rates are available for worker-owned cooperatives and nonprofits. Contact me to book an introductory meeting.

Past Work

Amendment 73 Calcultor

Interactive voter education.

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Media Cloud Dashboard

Understanding patterns of media attention.

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What We Watch

Visualizing video trends across national boundaries.

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Making digital publishing accessible.

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Quantifying front page newspaper coverage.

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Seltzer CRM

Self-organizing for hackerspaces and other cooperatives.

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Embedded cross-platform group chat.

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Serve Detroit

Organizing volunteers across multiple locations.

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Assembly Line Scheduler

Organizing the world's longest concert.

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